Clown Interactive



At Clown Interactive, we use state-of-the-art technology for content creation, distribution, and monetization across social gaming markets. Our games are free from ads and available to play free of cost. As gaming platforms become more advanced and powerful and can handle games with more advanced graphics in both single and multiplayer environments, Clown Interactive anticipates that players will certainly demand games with advanced 3D graphics. Since all our games are high quality and available for free, they allow us to take the advantage to this trend to deliver much needed value to our game players.



Our vision at Clown Interactive is to be one of the leading online game development companies in the world. We plan to achieve this vision through our hard work and innovation, hallmarked by our commitment and dedication. With our strengths, we aim to become a leading game development company of advanced, online games for various platforms and markets.



Our mission is to develop the games of all categories through advanced technology, teamwork, trust, pursuing perfection and excellence in all endeavors to meet the gamers’ expectations and needs for quality products.

At Clown Interactive, our goal is to create fun, addictive, and memorable online games that engage and entertain gamers around the world. We are hopeful that our premium quality games will capture the imaginations of new and experienced gamers alike. Furthermore, we also look forward to add value to our fellow creators in a way that extends beyond competitive games by sharing our entrepreneurial and crowdfunding successes, insights, and mistakes.



The infrastructure of Clown Interactive consists of 2D graphics, 3D graphics, arts and design, compositing, web development and game developing departments. Furthermore, we have state-of-the-art multimedia computer systems with backup and firewall protection facility.



Through our diverse range of personality, technical expertise, and artistry, Clown Interactive is empowered to push the boundaries and develop games that fulfill the needs of today’s gamers. Our games attract, entertain, and retain the gamers thanks to the stunning artwork and captivating themes. Players are engaged as soon as the game loads and they get full satisfaction throughout the gaming experience. The smart combination of compelling visuals and sound as well as the rewarding math retains the players as they want to re-play time and time again.

Some types of games Clown Interactive develops include simulations, adventure, real-time strategy (RTS), puzzle, stealth shooter, combat, and more. So, there is plenty of content available for all tastes. As mentioned before, all our games are completely free and they don’t contain any ads. The rewards you can get by playing and succeeding in our games are given in the form of bitcoins. Of course, apart from the single player mode there are multiplayer modes as well that allow you to play together with your friends and other competitive players worldwide. Apart from this, Clown Interactive also asks for public opinions regarding which games should be launched in the future. We do this by asking the gamers’ opinion through our existing games. The overall purpose of our games is to offer the maximum fun and entertainment to people which they can get to have for free.


What Makes Clown Interactive Different?

Our advanced development abilities as well as our state-of-the-art tools and techniques differentiate us from other game development companies in the industry. Our well-trained and experienced developers combined with our passion for games allow us to develop high quality games that are not only free but also highly addictive and entertaining.

Historically, we have developed games and game assets mainly for our outsourcing clients, which usually have strict requirements when it comes to prompt delivery, quality, and cost. In order to satisfy the requirements of our clients, our experienced developers use the latest technologies and techniques, timely identify problems, and rigorously account for their time. By constantly challenging our developers to fulfill the stringent requirements of the gaming industry, we believe that Clown Interactive has both served as an outstanding training platform for our developers and it has also created a culture of accountability, efficiency, and excellence. Thanks to our knowledge of the gaming industry and our advanced development capabilities, we are able to develop premium quality online games that gamers have always cherished.