A Crypto-Based Game that offers Excellent Gaming Experience and Bitcoin Profits 

Placing an online massive multiplayer strategy inside of the blockchain environment might have sounded like an impossible feat just a few years ago. Now, however, this is more than possible and a new cryptocurrency-based game aims to prove the same. The same game will feature a range of improvements compared to any of the similar games currently on the market. 

Firstly, the game will include a brand new visual design, covering both the in-game assets and a new interface. The interface, in particular, shows a lot of promise for both veteran players of crypto games and those who have just heard of them. Also, on the visual front, the game will provide a top-notch 3D environment. In it, everything with be a fully designed model, starting from terrain to buildings and units. For this purpose, the game developers are using the latest version of the very powerful Unity 3D engine. 

The potential players of the game will be happy to hear that it will also provide real Bitcoin to those who spend time playing it. This might sound too good to be true, but the process of dispensing rewards to players is something that blockchain allows without any drawbacks. This means that those who play the game will be able to gradually build up their Bitcoin portfolio. 

When it comes to actual gameplay, the release will also provide a worthwhile experience. The game engine will showcase a range of maps, all of which will be unique in terms of terrain and events that take place there. This will include villages, deserts, waterfronts, metro stations and so much more. As a strategy game, the action will come through a mixture of close combat and more tactical and deliberate maneuvering of units. In this regard, it can be said that the game will be more similar to standard big games for desktops than any crypto game currently on the market. This production value alone will be the thing that will attract many new players.

Finally, aside from paying out its players in Bitcoin, the game will also offer an experience free from any interruptions. This means that it will be completely free to play and come without any ads or in-game purchases. With great gameplay and active Bitcoin payments for its players, the game is bound to be a huge success.